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Experiencing a dental emergency? Royal Dental Maple is here for you. With our advanced urgent dental care services, we prioritize your health and comfort. Receive expert treatment today and experience the relief you need.

Same-Day Appointments Available

Call us at 📞 (905) 553-0302 and schedule your visit now. Your dental emergencies can't wait, and neither do we.

Dental Emergency Services

At Royal Dental Maple, we understand that toothaches and accidents don't have a schedule. If you're in pain or discomfort, our doors open for you. Offering same-day appointments for urgent dental issues, we ensure that local residents and families receive immediate and compassionate care.

Fast. Reliable. Caring.

  • Emergency Exams

From sudden pain to dental trauma, get fast and accurate diagnoses.

  • Pain Management

Quick relief with the latest pain management solutions.

  • Advanced Procedures

State-of-the-art technology ensures precise and effective treatments.

  • Preventative Guidance

Prevent future emergencies with tips from top dental experts.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

Modern amenities and a soothing environment help ease your experience, making urgent care less stressful. Our friendly staff are adept at comforting even the most anxious patients, ensuring a smoother path to recovery.

Technology at the Forefront of Dental Excellence

Equipped with cutting-edge dental technology, we tackle every emergency with the utmost precision. Innovative tools and techniques mean quicker procedures and recovery times.

The Expert Care You Deserve

Our highly qualified team led by Dr. Shweta Chhabra treats every dental emergency with a combination of expertise and gentle care. We value your wellbeing, so you can trust us to handle your dental needs with the professionalism you seek and the kindness you appreciate.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Sudden dental issues can be daunting, but with Royal Dental Maple, you're in capable hands. Contact us for urgent dental care rooted in excellence and empathy.

Royal Dental Maple

Your go-to for emergencies:

Same Day Appointments

(905) 553-0302

Book your emergency appointment now.

Because at Royal Dental Maple, we care for your dental health as fervently as you cherish your smile.

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